EarthLabs is a free suite of online modules comprising the laboratory component of a middle school, high school, or introductory college Earth science course. Developed with funding from NOAA, NASA, and NSF, the modules focus on Earth system science and environmental literacy. Students engage in deep and long-lasting investigations enabling them to explore rich interconnections in the Earth system. These lab experiences feature a combination of fieldwork, classroom experiments, and computer access of data and visualizations, demonstrating the rigor and depth of a true lab course. EarthLabs nine free, online modules highlight:

  • The complexity of the Earth system.
  • Various temporal and spatial scales at which Earth system processes interact, from spatial scales personally experienced to global and time scales ranging from fractions of a second to millions of years.
  • The question “How do we know what we know?” by providing students with access to the data scientists collect and analyze as well as information about the instruments used to collect that data.

EarthLabs includes an accompanying Educator website with background information on the units, lab overviews, materials lists, and classroom strategies. The Educator website also provides student notebook guides, suggestions for classroom extensions, assessments, and answer keys.

EarthLabs also has an app that contains animations/interactive within the modules.