Lead Developer, Co-founder EdGE at TERC

Jamie  Larsen

Program/Areas of Interest

  • Game-based learning
  • STEAM Education
  • Project-based Learning
  • Reconnecting Children with Nature through EdTech


Jamie Larsen’s research and development work is primarily focused on finding ways to integrate STEAM content, nature experiences, collaborations and educational technology like augmented and virtual reality through the use of science-infused games and project-based learning. His current work at EdGE include STEMLandia XR– 360 annotated videos and stills of STEM in local environments, Ravenous – a bird flight game, Mission to Europa Prime – a VR sampler of a mystery set on Europa, and SportsLab – an online project-based platform for creating design challenges for middle and high-school collaborative teams to learn about STEM concepts, 21st Century Skills, and careers in sport research and sport product design. Past projects for TERC included the Astrobiology Curriculum, Martian Boneyards (a scientific collaboration in a massively-multiplayer online game), Leveling Up, and Earth Science by Design, among others.

Previous to his work at TERC, he has worked as an NSTA reviewer, writer, and developer of on-line professional development (SciPacks), including projects funded by FDA, NOAA, and other government agencies; written activities for Scientific American Frontiers and Nova series; written and published a various other science and technology activities for grades 3-12; and designed and facilitated a variety of professional development workshops for business, formal, and informal education, on topics ranging from Educational Technology (for Swift Instruments) to Extreme Environments (for the GLOBE Program) to Evolution (for Pennsylvania State University) for middle and high school science teachers.


  • Northern Arizona University – Bachelor of Science, Zoology
  • University of Montana – Graduate Studies, Biology
  • Northern Arizona University – MEd, Educational Leadership


  • National Science Teacher Association

Highlighted Publications

Larsen, J. L. (2018). SportsLab: Opening the door to 21st Century Careers through a Sport Research and Shoe Design Challenge. Hands On, A Magazine for Mathematics and Science Educators. TERC. Cambridge, MA. Fall/Winter Edition

Larsen, J.L., Asbell-Clarke, J., MacEachern, B., and Rowe, E. (2018). STEMlandia: Using Mobile Technology to Get ‘Em Outside. Edited by Herro, D., Arafeh, S., Ling, R., and Holden C. Mobile Learning: Perspectives on Practice and Policy. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Larsen, J. L., et al. (2014). STEMLandia – The Nature’s Apprentice Geocaching Adventure, Opening the Door for STEM Learning Through Outside Games. Paper presented at the EdMedia World Conference on Educational Media and Technology in Tampere, Finland. June 23-26.

Asbell-Clarke, J., Rowe, E., Edwards, T., & Larsen, J. (2013). Leveling Up: Measuring Tacit Science Understanding Through Gameplay. Paper presented at the 2013 NARST Annual International Conference, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

Asbell-Clarke, J., Edwards, T., Larsen, J., Rowe, E., Sylvan, E., & Hewitt, J. (2012). Martian Boneyards: Scientific Inquiry in an MMO Game. International Journal of Game-Based Learning, 2(1), 52-76.