STEM for All Collaboratory (Multiplex)

Accelerated dissemination and fostered collaborations between innovators of STEM educational research and development.

Lead Staff:
Joni Falk
Brian Drayton
Project Staff:
Kim Descoteaux
Kathryn Hobbs
Quang Le
Jillian Ives


STEM for All Multiplex Logo

The STEM for All Multiplex website is archived and no longer actively maintained. All archived blogs, webinars, and playlists can still be accessed on their website.

The STEM for All Collaboratory advanced educational research and development through the creation and facilitation of two related, interactive platforms – the STEM for All Video Showcase and the STEM for All Multiplex.

The Video Showcase, whose first three years were funded by the DRK-12 program, provided an annual, online, week-long, interactive event where hundreds of educational researchers and developers created, shared, and discussed 3-minute videos of their federally funded work aimed at improving STEM and Computer Science education. A rich database of these videos now exists after many successful Video Showcases. To capitalize on the growing resource and to extend its impact, TERC and its partners created STEM for All Multiplex.

The Multiplex website combined Video Showcase videos to provide visitors a way to search the database, create thematic playlists, and re-use the content in new educational and research contexts. The Multiplex hosted interactive, monthly, thematic online events related to emerging research and practices to improve STEM and Computer Science education in formal and informal environments. Each thematic event included video presentations, expert panels, resources, interactive discussions, and a synthesis of lessons learned.

Research Activity

The project contributed to the STEM education field through its research on the ways that this multimedia environment could improve funded projects, catalyze new efforts and collaborations, build the capacity of emerging diverse leadership, and connect research and practice.


The STEM for All Collaboratory fostered increased dissemination of federally funded work and effectively shared NSF’s investments aimed at improving STEM education with the public at large. It enabled presenters to learn with and from each other, offering and receiving feedback, critique, and queries that improved work in progress and to facilitate new collaborations for educational research. It connected researchers with practitioners empowering both groups to benefit from each other’s knowledge and perspective. Further, it connected seasoned investigators with aspiring investigators from diverse backgrounds, including those from Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs). This enabled new researchers to broaden their knowledge of currently funded efforts while also providing them with the opportunity to discuss resources, methodology and impact measures with the investigators.

Learn more about Multiplex’s impact in TERC’s 2020-2021 Biennial Impact Report on page 20.