Curriculum Developer, Investigations Center for Curriculum and Professional Development

Megan  Murray

Program/Areas of Interest

  • The Investigations Center for Curriculum and Professional Development
    This group’s work focuses on providing professional development and other support to schools and districts looking to use Investigations to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics for all students and teachers.
  • Investigations in Number, Data, and Space®
    Investigations is a comprehensive K-5 mathematics curriculum that pays deep and careful attention to mathematics content and to student thinking and understanding. Making sense of mathematics is the heart of the work, for students and teachers.
  • Through the Glass Wall: Computer Games for Mathematical Empowerment
    This project researched interactions among computer games, mathematics, and gender.


Since she joined TERC in 1994, Megan Murray has mainly been involved in developing the Investigations in Number, Data, and Space® curriculum and in supporting its use. She was a classroom observer who spent many hours in field test classrooms — observing, recording, and analyzing elementary mathematics teaching and learning. Now a senior author, she has been involved in the development and writing of all three editions, with a particular focus on grades K-2. After the publication of each edition, she has been involved in supporting educators in thinking about how to use the curriculum to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics for all students and teachers. She wrote a book about engaging parents as partners in improving math teaching and learning; developed a video-based professional development curriculum focused on how students learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide; and participated in a research project that looked at the intersection of math, computer games, and gender.


  • NCSM
  • NCTM

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Highlighted Publications

Investigations in Number, Data, and Space®, 3rd ed. Glenview, IL: Pearson, 2017.

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Co-author on 9 1st edition units. Mokros, J., & Russell, S. J. (1995). Investigations in Number, Data, and Space®. Palo Alto: Dale Seymour Publications.