Physics That Works

This year-long high school physics curriculum situates standards-based science learning in authentic contexts. Students undertake extended workplace-related projects where they acquire and apply science knowledge and skills. The curriculum is based on the principle that all students learn better and more deeply when they learn in context, and on the belief that such an approach offers students who have not been engaged by abstract science the opportunity to achieve on a par with their peers. Units include:

  • Unit 1 Kinematics: Toys in Motion
  • Unit 2 Forces and Motion: On the Road Again
  • Unit 3 Electricity and Simple Circuits: Restoring a Heartbeat
  • Unit 4 Generators and Diodes: Building a Better Bike Light
  • Unit 5 Energy: Live from WPTW!

This work was supported in part by the National Science Foundation (ESI-9618149).