Ten-Minute Math: Activities and Games for Grades K-5

This book is drawn from the K-5 mathematics curriculum, Investigations in Number, Data, and Space®. In that program, suggestions for quick explorations known as “ten-minute math” are woven throughout the units to support and balance the in-depth work of each unit. In addition, the curriculum includes several math games that can be repeated often for skill-building work. This single, easy-to-access collection is a valuable resource for all teachers, Investigations users or not, and integrates activities into three major areas of the elementary mathematics curriculum: 1) Numbers; 2) Data Analysis; and 3) Two and Three Dimensional Space (geometry).

With the activities in these three areas, you can help your students acquire broader mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills. You will also help them increase their strategies for mental calculation, gain confidence in inventing their own approaches for solving problems, and become more fluent in reflecting on and articulating their problem-solving processes.